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2016-02-05 17:33:46 by Aqua8B

Good day everyone, or evening, or night, or morning,

because all the 0% of the people are really curious about what i'm actually doing with my life, i figured i would make a new post :)

just letting you all know i stopped making music a long time ago.

After a while of making music i started running out of ideas. and with that young brain of mine, i started to think that making music would maybe not fit me after all. but even with those thoughts, i continued.

So every now and then an idea popped up in my head, immediately wanting to work it out. After 30 minutes or less though, i began thinking how bad that idea i had actually was, abandoning in a concept file, which are all still collecting dust on my hard drive to this day.

As time progressed, less and less ideas popped up in my head and every now and then I started up FL Studio just to close it again after 5 mins of staring at the screen thinking what the f*** i was even doing here.

The idea of wanting to make GREAT music began shifting into an idea of becoming a GREAT something else.

so this amazing idea of maybe becoming a programmer popped up in my head, so i started searching what programming language was the best to start with. after a long time of searching potential candidates for program languages, i figured i would start and learn on how to program java. so i immediately searched up tutorials on how to program in java, with of my first program printing out "Hello World!", obviously. so for the summer vacation and watched a lot of these java tutorials, and got to know java and how to use it on an amateur level.

and then in the beginning of my last year at high school, we started to program in a editor called greenfoot (oh i do hate greenfoot so much!) with the language java, and i was eager to show what i could make with my skills as a java programmer. and then it suddenly and unexpectedly hit me, that i want to do this for a real time job.

So in the free time i had, i wanted to program a roulette simulator, so i went and tried to create that, and i finished that little project of mine which gave me a feeling of pure satisfaction, and i wanted to create more. So i thought of a way to make some sort of battle simulator, which took me quite some time to do, but the task was not impossible to "finish".

after finishing that little project of mine i thought by myself to really go and learn for this at college. I was 18 at that time and had absolutely no idea what i wanted to become any time before that age. but now i knew what i wanted to do, and decided to tell my parents, who didnt expect me to choose an education like that, but did think it would fit me anyway. so now here i am, as a computer science student at Hogeschool Rotterdam (University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam), and up to this day i dont regret my decision one bit.

(sorry for any grammar and/or spelling mistakes that might be here in this post, but i'm just too lazy to look for them and fix them)


a true story

2013-10-10 17:01:40 by Aqua8B

There is a reason why i haven't been uploading for this long, it because it feels like my inspiration is constantly drained away, everytime i have a good idea for music and i try to put it in music notes, i fuck it up. i have the feeling that i do not improve, but that is my opinion, and it is also my reason to work harder and try to improve even more. This is because i DO imrpove, but i do not notice it. There is a reason why i haven't been uploading for this long, and now you know it. This still does not mean that i stopped making songs, over my dead body that i will, there will allways be a time that i just want to go back into my program, and look into my files. everytime i look into my old files, move closer to my recent ones, i see the improvements that i made, and that's one of the reasons that i will not stop making music. "If people would be great with everything, there is nothing to improve anymore", this is what i have in my mind right now. since i'm a "not so awesome" music producer, i will have room for improvements, and i will use that space my brain has made for me.

Right now i'm working on a song, which is better than all of the songs i have made untill now. I also have made a new account here quite a long time ago, on this account i will post that new song when its done, and i will start to grow further from there, i will put this account to a rest, to let it be a place where my song can still be listened and maybe i will put a LOT of concepts here, all of which are unfnished, you will not see them immediately after i have post this message, but it could show up in the next 3-5 months, so this is a goodbye from BK, and a hello from my new account. "new" old songs will show up in at least 6 months, so stay tuned? you most likely will if you have a lot of patience

PS. i'm not going to correct this post for any grammar mistakes i have made here, just sayin', the post is way too long for that

EDIT: I have started uploading my concepts, whether you like them or not, they are CONCEPTS. for some of the concepts it is unfortunate that I couldn't make a song out of it.


So i have been wanting to make a remix for a long time now, but i do not know what songs are the best to remix, if you, the one who is reading this, could give me a list with some of those song if you know any, please comment down below and/or leave me a PM telling which songs are the best for a remix.
Thanks in Advance


2013-06-12 11:43:11 by Aqua8B

This is just a random post, it has no reason to be here

yeah, that's right, it's Mah Birthday!!!!!!
i have now become officially 17!!

and just to let you guys know, songs are being worked on, but in a very slow manner.
but do not worry, because I want to upload at least 4 songs this, and if possible, even more

More information coming :D :D

Happy New Year!!!!!!

2013-01-01 11:00:28 by Aqua8B

happy new year people!!!!

probably a little late, but who cares!!
i hope you all have a healthy and great 2013!!!

the things i want to do for this year are:
- Making more music
Seriously, two songs a year is just not enough!!

- Doing the best i can to finish this year with school

- and as always, Improving with the music i create :D

These are the thing i want to do this year for sure, but there are also many many more things that are important



2012-09-14 16:14:43 by Aqua8B

I have uploaded a new song, and i'm really proud of it
this is one of my best songs ever made :)

and if you want i will make a dance version of the song!! But I'm not sure about it

One thing is for sure, i will create more of these kinds of songs :)

NEWS - Since school has started 2-3 weeks ago, i have again less time for making music :(
All that homework is preventing me from it, so i only have the most time in the weekends :(
So even now i won't upload songs for a long time, but when it's vacation, then i will have time to work on music, but this is the status of my work, and music production

yay -_-

2012-09-07 13:26:04 by Aqua8B

yippee, another crap song uploaded -_-
i will try to improve this year(s), there is a new song coming soon, and i don't have anything to say more

for you people(probably you dont even care, but still)
heres the link:
Mah Song

yay -_-

using a new synthesizer!!

2012-08-12 07:53:48 by Aqua8B

After a little bit practicing i got the hang of a new synthesizer
i think that if you get used to it and know its capabilities i think thats its even better than Nexus┬│
i think it will be fun letting you guys guess what synthesizer it will be
when i upload a song that has the synthesizer used in it i will put a link to the post and tell it in the description of the song

Good Luck Guessing :D

P.S. if you think you know what synthesizer it is, just put it in the comments below, not in the comments of the song

New Things...

2012-06-30 12:12:19 by Aqua8B

so you all have probably noticed (or not) i made a art post here, this is because I discovered Photoshop
so I apparently upload art now, but i will not stop with making music for sure, although you will not hear any music from me for another month, that's for sure, or maybe not, you never know when inspiration strikes in

I think i will Create the song "Atomic", because i already have made some sounds, tones, and all that other shit, it wont be hard to come with new melodies etc.
i personally think that i have no inspiration because i want to do my songs differently, i think they are all with the same build-up, like you're watching a block that never moves, i want to create songs that tells something, and that's clearly the reason why I haven't uploaded a song in these 6-7 months
I will try to let hear more of me soon