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sort of not dead, unless you are thinking about my musical side, which has died a long time ago ;D

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Good day everyone, or evening, or night, or morning,

because all the 0% of the people are really curious about what i'm actually doing with my life, i figured i would make a new post :)

just letting you all know i stopped making music a long time ago.

After a while of making music i started running out of ideas. and with that young brain of mine, i started to think that making music would maybe not fit me after all. but even with those thoughts, i continued.

So every now and then an idea popped up in my head, immediately wanting to work it out. After 30 minutes or less though, i began thinking how bad that idea i had actually was, abandoning in a concept file, which are all still collecting dust on my hard drive to this day.

As time progressed, less and less ideas popped up in my head and every now and then I started up FL Studio just to close it again after 5 mins of staring at the screen thinking what the f*** i was even doing here.

The idea of wanting to make GREAT music began shifting into an idea of becoming a GREAT something else.

so this amazing idea of maybe becoming a programmer popped up in my head, so i started searching what programming language was the best to start with. after a long time of searching potential candidates for program languages, i figured i would start and learn on how to program java. so i immediately searched up tutorials on how to program in java, with of my first program printing out "Hello World!", obviously. so for the summer vacation and watched a lot of these java tutorials, and got to know java and how to use it on an amateur level.

and then in the beginning of my last year at high school, we started to program in a editor called greenfoot (oh i do hate greenfoot so much!) with the language java, and i was eager to show what i could make with my skills as a java programmer. and then it suddenly and unexpectedly hit me, that i want to do this for a real time job.

So in the free time i had, i wanted to program a roulette simulator, so i went and tried to create that, and i finished that little project of mine which gave me a feeling of pure satisfaction, and i wanted to create more. So i thought of a way to make some sort of battle simulator, which took me quite some time to do, but the task was not impossible to "finish".

after finishing that little project of mine i thought by myself to really go and learn for this at college. I was 18 at that time and had absolutely no idea what i wanted to become any time before that age. but now i knew what i wanted to do, and decided to tell my parents, who didnt expect me to choose an education like that, but did think it would fit me anyway. so now here i am, as a computer science student at Hogeschool Rotterdam (University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam), and up to this day i dont regret my decision one bit.

(sorry for any grammar and/or spelling mistakes that might be here in this post, but i'm just too lazy to look for them and fix them)


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